What Time is It in Fargo?

If you’re curious about the time in Fargo, whether it be Fargo, Texas or Fargo, North Dakota, it’s the same. Both are located in the Central Standard Time Zone (CST). If you live on the east coast and are part of the Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST), like New York, a city like Fargo would be one hour behind you. So if it’s noon in New York, it’s 11:00 in the morning in Fargo. If you live in Mountain Standard Time (MST) like Colorado, Fargo would be one hour ahead of you. And finally, if you live on the west coast, like California, Fargo would be two hours ahead of you. One quick note about Fargo, North Dakota, the Dakotas are among a select few states that are cut in two time zones. While Fargo is in CST, parts of North Dakota are actually in MST. No wonder no one knows what time it is!