What the Max Size Tires can I Put on my Truck?

That really is going to depend on various factors including rim offset,turning radius,and of course fender clearance if you do not want to go with a lift kit,or do any cutting,but here a re a few stock truck maximum sizes recommended for the 2009 model years.on the Ford F150 you could go up to a 35′ tire without a leveling kit on 17′ rims -On the 09 dodge ram you can get away with 33’s without any scrubbing-And on the chevy 1500 you’ll be able to get away with 32’s.Pretty safe to say that you can get away with a set of 31×10.50 on most any truck other than a jeep cherokee you can do 235/75r15 or if you want some grip 30×9.5 with minimal rubbing…happy riding