What Questions are Illegal for An Employer to Ask?

In general employers may not ask personal questions that are unrelated to your ability to do the job. Illegal questions generally fall in the areas of race, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability or marital status. For example, it is illegal to ask if you have a disability. However, the employer may ask if you are able to lift 40 pounds and stand for long periods of time if the job requires you to do these things. An employer may not ask how old you are, but may ask if you are over 18. Even though some personal questions are illegal, you still may be asked them during an interview. If this happens, you have a couple options. One, you can answer the ‘intent’ of the question. If you are asked where you were born, you can answer that you are authorized to work in the United States (if that is true!). Your second option is to refuse to answer. If you refuse to answer, you may be seen as difficult or ‘not a team player’, but would you want to work for an employer who disregards the law?