What is the Unlock Code for Lg Cell Phones?

Some Lg phones can be unlocked with codes and some cannot. Those that can’t there are companies that you can pay to try to do so. Some codes I found are LG Secret Codes:For your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number:*#06#Bringing up the LG secret menu: 2945*#01*#To access test mode off the main screen: 2945#*#To unlock selected CDMA LG phones: hit Menu then 0 then 000000to bring up the programing menu. Other defaults such as 123456or 654321 might also work. Codes for the LG B1200Bring up Simlock menu: 1945#*5101#Software version: * 8375 #The factory test: #PWR 668Recount cheksum (related to checking for errors): * 6861 #Codes from the LG-U81XXTo reset phone without a SIM card: 277634#*# or 47328545454#To bring up the unlock menu on phone with a SIM card: 2945#*88110#Codes for the LG CU400Fix a ‘non-acceptable content’ message (downloading ringtones related): 277634#*#then Port Setting > Data Setting > BT Set for Datathen turn the phone off and on again. Codes for the LG 8600Correcting a ‘Music Player Error’ when trying to burn music: In MS Media Playerat the ‘Options’ menuclick the ‘Rip Music’ tab then uncheck the ‘Copy protect music’ box.