What is the Origin of Christmas?

If you’ve ever went and bought a tree, placed it in your home and decorated it, you have likely celebrated Christmas. Have you ever wondered what the origin of Christmas is however? The answer might surprise you. None of Christmas tradition is truly Christian. Customs associated with the holiday have come from pre-Christian pagan celebrations. The main one is Saturnalia, a Roman festival which constituted a worship of the sun in the middle of December to ensure it’s return in the next year. This is the reason Christmas uses the idea of lights everywhere, from the trees to houses. It is celebrating the rebirth of the sun. Many people believe that Christmas is based on the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birthday, but really the festival of Saturnalia was only re-packaged and sold with a new Christian label on it to please the people. Jesus Christ never told the day of his birth, but if he had it could not have been in December according to the Bible’s details. Jesus knew of birthday celebrations occurring in his time, but he never partook in these celebrations since he believed them to be pagan and no part of true worship. Look here for more information: