What is the History of Chocolate?

Mmmm chocolate! I am a chocoholic and love to eat and drink it. The history of chocolate can be hard to pinpoint but it dates back almost 4000 years ago. The Aztecs and Mayans believed the cacao tree bean held magical powers and the bean was often used in religious ceremonies. They would use different spices to alter the taste of the chocolate. Trading of chocolate began in the 1400’s between the Mayans and Aztecs when the Aztecs controlled a sizeable amount of land. The chocolate was bitter and not as we know it today in chocolate bars and Nestle Quik. Around 1521 is when the cacoa bean was imported to Europe and is when the Spanish started sweetening chocolate and kept it a secret. All I can say is I am glad they figured out what was missing! The URL included here will give you all the history you need. Look here for more information: