What is Shampoo Made of?

According to the commercials we see today, shampoo is made of magic and will literally transform your problem unruly hair into a beautiful healthy, shiny, and silky head of hair. If you take the time to read the actual ingredients you will be amazed to see all the numerous and various chemicals that go into that bottle of shampoo (true magic of getting all of this stuff into one bottle. Shampoo is made of: Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (detergent); Cocamie DEA (foaming agents); PEG-5 cocamide (foam stabilizer, surfactant, and emulsifier); cocamidopropyl betaine (antibiotic properties to prevent spoiling); ammonium xylenesulfonate (thickener); glycol distearate (gives an opaque and pearlescent look to the shampoo); glycerine (serves as humectant); sodium benzoate (preservative); citric acid (to keep hair cuticle smooth); and sodium citrate (buffering agent to maintain acidic state).