What is Satellite Radio?

Well, I think its the thing attached to my car’s windshield. This device allows me to listen in to the best radio stations offered via satellite. Although it isn’t free but a subscription service I still love it. No matter where I go, I’ll always get my same favorite channels. Satellite radio is so familiar today that my stereo in my car was satellite ready and the technician didn’t have to do any wierd wiring to it. Also just one more thing, there is so many stations to choose from with all the genres. Look here for more information: hl=en&defl;=en&q;=define:Satellite+radio&ei;=MR7iSqLlOIjP8QanrNT3AQ&sa;=X&oi;=glossary_definition&ct;=title&ved;=0CAwQkAE