What is Protestant Reformation?

The Protestant Reformation refers to the time in European History when a sort of rebellion of the Catholic Church took place. At the time, Catholicism was the main religion in most of Europe, but the Catholic Church had become incredibly corrupt. Because most lay people could not read, the clergy held great power and wielded it such that they caused lay people to pay money to the clergy in order to ensure their salvation. Martin Luther wrote down a large list of grievances with the Catholic Church, known as the 95 Theses, and nailed it to the door of the church. This moment is typically considered the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, and Lutheranism is named after Martin Luther. Numerous different sects broke off from the Catholic Church, each establishing their own requirements in order to be members of their sect and how to ensure salvation. The main differences of each sect were which sacraments were to be practiced by its members.