What is Michigan Known for?

Michigan is known for a variety of awesome things! First of all, hold out your left hand, with your palm facing outward. Michigan’s lower peninsula is shaped like a mitten, and most people who live in Michigan will gladly point out where they live on their hand. Secondly, Michigan is surrounded by four of the Great Lakes, and is a terrific four-seasons tourist destination due to the wide variety of activities available. Traverse City, Ludington, Mackinaw Island, Tawas City, Frankenmuth, and Port Huron are just a few of the popular tourist areas. Michigan is known for automobile production, as GM, Chrysler, and Ford are all based in the Detroit area, and many auto suppliers are also headquartered there. Grand Rapids is known for furniture manufacturing, and Detroit is also the home of the Motown sound. Gerber Baby Food is based in Fremont, MI; Kellogg’s Cereal is based in Battle Creek, MI; and Midland is home to the Dow Chemical Company. For more information see here: