What is Medical Marijuana Used for?

Marijuana is used to treat a variety of legitimate medical conditions. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy are sometimes prescribed marijuana. It reduces the pain and nausea associated with chemo and encourages the patient to eat. Marijuana is also prescribed to treat glaucoma. Glaucoma is a condition which effects a patients eyesight by causing a blockage of channels in the eye. Marijuana appears to have a more positive effect than any other form of treatment for glaucoma. Another condition treated with marijuana is Multiple Sclerosis. This disease effects the nervous system and brain. There is no known medical treatment for MS, but for many sufferer, marijuana has a startling and astoundingly positive effect. It stops muscle tremors, reduces spams, restores balance and bladder control, and even speech and eyesight. There needs to be much more research on marijuana and who else it could possibly help.