What is Law School Like?

Law school is for students who want to become lawyers. It lasts between three to five years depending on your student status as part time or full time, as well as whether or not you choose to specialize in a particular field of law. This degree is incredibly demanding when you get to your first year. You are not allowed to work hardly at all and most law schools will make you sign a waiver. This is because of the fact that your academic workload will be taking up the majority of your time and energy. You will not have time to do anything other than study, and many law students find themselves reading whenever they possibly can because the reading material is heavy. Law school is also VERY fun. You get to participate in mock trials in a course called trial procedures. A mock trial is run exactly like a real court situation. You will have co counsel to assist you, and you will have a real judge, and a real jury. There will also be a real courtroom in which this takes place. Although law school is very demanding, it is incredibly rewarding.