What is Genetically Engineered Foods?

Genetically engineered foods are more commonly called genetically modified foods. You will find the abbreviation ‘(GM)’ in use to signify that this is what a person is writing or talking about. Genetic engineering at one time was a natural process of developing a strong plant by eliminating the weak ones. A farmer would grow a crop, and have a potential hazard. The following year he would plant seeds from the parts of the crop that were the most resistant to that hazard. After a long enough period of time, the crop would be more stable and resistant to that hazard. This is a use of a survival of the fittest process, but is done naturally. In recent years genetically modified foods have become a concern because of the introduction of chemicals to the food and seed sources. While these procedures do result in a superior food, there is much debate over the safety of the act. To find more information click here: