What is a T1 Connection?

A T1 connection is basically nothing more than a bundle of twisted copper wiring. Basically, a T1 line isn’t much faster than a regular home DSL line, however, it does something far better than home DSL. T1 is capable of handling quite a few voice data streams, and is very popular in large companies and with cell phone companies. Larger companies with over 8 different phone lines actually save money investing in a T1 line to help handle the load, and cell phone companies run T1 lines to their towers in order to transmit all of the voice data they are receiving! That way rather than paying for eight different phone lines, they only pay for one T1 line. There are multiple kinds of T version lines, such as T2 and even T3. Fun fact! A T3 line is equal to having 28 T1 lines! Imagine all of the phones you could have!