What is a Scholarly Journal?

What is a scholarly journal depends upon the type of journal. Typically, a scholarly journal is one that represents an academic field or group. Articles in scholarly journals are written by experts, research-based, and are peer-reviewed. For example, ‘Harvard Educational Review’ is published by Harvard University and features peer-reviewed articles written by experts in education; it is a scholarly journal. ‘Teacher Magazine’ is a journal, but articles are not peer-reviewed, nor are the articles research-based. It does not mean that ‘Teacher Magazine’ is in any way bad, simply that it is not considered academic. Those seeking to gain tenure at a university will want to stick with scholarly journals, as items published in the popular press are not looked upon favorably. For example, a philosophy professor could earn tenure over articles in ‘Kinesis’ but not from writing a chapter in armchair philosophy book ‘The Philosophy of the Sopranos.’