What is a Phishing Filter?

A Phishing filter is a program launched by your security software. Phishing filters help you from become a victim of identity theft through fraudelant websites which pass themselves off as another site. For example you may receive an email from your bank stating you need to update your information because of a server failure. You click the link which takes you to your banking site. The site looks exactly like your banking site, you enter your information, the thieves retrieve it and it all downhill after that. The phishing filters notifies you that this is a fake site with an icon on the screen. Some browsers such as Firefox have uilt in Malware and Phishing filters built in. If you are using Firefox, go to tools/options and security and check the box block reported web forgeries and ok. Now when you follow links to sites, you will know immediately if the site is a real site or not. Keep in mind, legitimate companies will never ask you to very any information over the web, if there is a problem with your account they will contact you by phone or mail asking you to call or come in to the office. You can find more information here: