What does the Colors on a Mood Ring Mean?

A mood ring changes color from the temperature of your body. The color it changes to is suppose to show your mood. The color meaning are as follows: Black – Serious, excited, angered and/or hurt; Tan – heated emotion, anticipation, puzzled, worried and or troubled; Red – Passionate, in love, excited, stressed and/or anxious; Orange-Red – emotionally volatile, apprehensive and/or agitated; Orange – thinking, searching, busy, disturbed, nervous and/or impatient; Yellow – Fair, distracted, ambitious and/or tense; Green – normal, neutral, no great stress, calm and/or alert; Blue – happy, at ease, relaxed, warm and/or lovable; Pink – Loving, warm, curious, uncertain and/or mystified; White – meditative, indifferent, bored, tired, sad and/or uneasy.