What does Smoking do to You?

Smoking has long term effects on many parts of the body. There is an increased risk of cancer, inflammation, and laryngitis in the mouth, lip, throat and larynx area. There is an increased risk of brain hemorrhage (stroke) and a greater risk of stroke to women who are on the pill. In the stomach and intestines lines become tender, there may be bleeding, ulcers and stomach cancer are possibilities. Increased risk of cancer to the pancreas, kidney and bladder. Decreased sperm count, lowered sex drive, egg damage, irregular menstrual cycle and altered hormone levels. Cancers of the cervix, penis and anus are of risk as is an increased risk of breast cancer and early onset of menopause. In the circulatory system: heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure, and coronary artery disease. Depressed immune response and increased infections in the area of the immune system. Then back up to the Respiratory system there is bronchitis, emphysema, and lung cancer. For pregnant women smoking causes lower than average birth weight, high risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, increased risk of premature birth, higher increased risk of miscarriage and still births, and increased risk of impairment in mental and physical development.