What does Passover Mean?

Passover is a religious holiday in the Jewish religion and celebrates the story of Exodus from the Old Testament. The story of Exodus describes the enslavement of the Jews by the Egyptian Pharaoh and God speaking to Moses, appearing as a burning bush, and commanding Moses to go the Pharaoh and have the Jewish slaves freed. Moses had a stick which he used to inflict various plagues upon the Egyptians each time the Pharaoh refused Moses’ request that the Jewish slaves be freed. The last plague was the slaying of the first born of each Egyptian family. To ensure that the Jewish families did not suffer from this plague, a lamb was slaughtered and the lamb’s blood was used to make a mark on the door of each Jewish family to ensure that the angel of death would Pass Over those houses when inflicted this plague. Passover is celebrated each spring with a Seder dinner and foods which symbolize this Jewish struggle for freedom from enslavement by the Egyptian Pharoah.