What does Aryan Mean?

Technically, Aryan refers to the culture which invaded ancient India and established pivotal institutions such as the caste system. These invaders came from the areas around the Caucasus in Europe/Southwestern Asia and spoke a language like Sanskrit, very similar to languages spoken in the Nordic regions (indicating a common origin for both, not that the Aryans were from the Nordic region). Racist eugenicists such as Adolf Hitler build around this history a myth regarding ancient, almost mythological white people who once ruled Europe and invaded surrounding areas. Today, white supremacists use the term ‘Aryan’ to describe ‘pure’ white people. But of course, there is no such thing as a ‘pure’ white person (or any sort of person for that matter). The latest DNA research shows that those we think of as ‘different’ or more similar than we realize, and that our closest genetic relatives might be those we superficially think of as different. Regardless, one should be aware that science does not support the concept of ‘race’ at all. To find more information click here: