What does a Spider Bite Look Like?

Spider bites change their look depending on which spider bit you. If you simply have a tiny raised red bump, you probably have an ingrown hair or another type of bug bite. Unless you feel sick, you shouldn’t worry about it, and should simply treat it as you would a mosquito bite. However, if the skin begins to rot, puss badly, swell badly, hurt, sting, burn, or go numb, seek medical treatment without hesitation. Often the best thing you can do is look around the environment where you feel you may have gotten the bite, and try to identify the spider, usually they don’t go very far from the scene of the crime, so to speak. Also, if you feel you have been bitten by a spider, take all of the sheets and covers off of your bed, and wash them, it will kill anything that may still be lurking for a nibble.