What does a Positive Tb Skin Test Look Like?

whether you have the bacteria present in your skin or not, you will get a round spot with a redish color after the ppd test (skin test). The person that is infected will develop a little bum, the skin of the color area will rise above your normal skin level. And this how the doctor finds out, he/she will take a marker and draw straight lines on the left and right hand sides of the color spot.Then the doctor will try to draw a straight line through the colored area as he/she did for the other two times before. If a straight line can be drawn without any problems then you are fine you do not have the bacteria that causes tb. But if the doctor draws a straight line with an arc in the middle then you will told that you have the bacteria present in your skin that causes tb.At this point this test does not prove if you are contagious or not, you will be sent for chest x-ray. If the result of the x-ray is negative then what that means is you have the bacteria present but it is asleep (not active).If the chest x-ray result is positive then you have active bacteria and you’re consider to be contagious.If you fall into the first category you will have to make a decision. To either take a specific antibiotic for 9 months or you can take a chance and live your life and not bother to take the antibiotics.If you decide to go for the second option there is a 10% chance that the bacteria will be awaken and in the near future and you will develop tb.If you decide to take the antibiotics there is a 1% chance that the antibiotics may effect your liver in a negative way