What do You Need to Build a Computer?

Building a computer is not as hard as it sounds. There are barebone systems available which come with the motherboard, Power Supply and CPU installed. The only components left are hard drive, memory and optical drive (DVD/CD burner). If building from scratch you will need the following items: ATX Case (towner or mid or mini tower), Power supply if not included with case, motherboard, cpu (if not included), hard drive, optical drive, ram (memory) connection cables (sata or IDE) and grounding strap. Mount the motherboard to the case, make sure rear connectors fit through the back opening (or remove plate) connect CPU (do not forget to apply heat sink), Insert memory into slots, install hard drive in drive bay, install optical drive in drive bay. Connect cables to board, connect power supply to board, connect cast wires to board (see case diagram for wiring instructions) Connect keyboard, mouse and speakers (optional). Power system on and insert system CD (windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7). Follow instructions on the screen.