What do Worms in Cats Look Like?

There are several different worms that can infect a cat. Cats that roam outside are more likely to get worms since they can be found in infected prey, eating grass or soil that has been contaminated or from slugs and snails. Worms pass through the body and are exited through the anus. Some fragments are visible through the stool or from vomiting. Tape worms look exactly how they sound. They look like a length of tape. They are made of several fragments and usually infect through fleas. Hookworms cannot be seen without a microscope. These are blood sucking parasites. Cats can get hookworms through the contaminated soil, grass or even water. Humans can become infected also by walking barefoot in contaminated grass where the larvae can become inbedded in the skin and cause a itchy red abrasion. A cat can also get lungworms but the only way you will able to tell is by your cats behavior. Roundworms are common parasites found in cats who eat prey or eat vegetation infected with it. They look like yellow/curled not unlike spaghetti that are 2-3 inches long. Sometimes you can see them in a cats stool. If your cat is acting strange or has a swollen belly or you can see worms take your pet to the vet right away. All worms are treatable through treatment. You can find more information here: