What do Sat Scores Mean?

SAT scores mean both very much and very little, depending upon the context. The SAT is a ‘scholastic aptitude test,’ meaning that the test results indicate the likelihood that a person will graduate from college. Those who score highly are more likely to finish college, while those who score poorly are less likely to graduate. The great irony is that much of the content of the SAT itself is irrelevant to higher education. Honestly, how many Ph.D.s routinely face emergency situations where they have to find synonyms for ‘loquacious’ without using a thesaurus? It’s not that a college student needs to know a bunch of fifty-cent words (though knowing them will help), but that those students who take the time and make the effort to study hard to score well on the SAT are exactly the sorts of students who will put in the same time and effort to graduate from college. It’s kind of like offering a receptionist job to the person who can deliver the most pizzas in an hour; you don’t need to deliver pizzas to be a receptionist, but the fact that you moved fastest indicates that you wanted the job the most, and are most willing to do what it takes to keep the job.