What do I Need to Start a Daycare?

Starting a day care is simply but there are many legal requirement, building and safety codes and employee screenings. If the daycare is ran from the home, there are inspections which will be necessary as well as licenses. There is a limit to the number of children allowed in the home at one time based on the size of the house and the number of staff memeber available. Laws are different for each state, so research which laws are applicable for your state. Contact insurance agent to discuss the amount of coverage. Decide on your hours of operation as well as the holidays. Keep in mind, not all parents are off during the holidays. Once you have met all the state and local requirements, begin to advertise. Flyers and even host a grand opening. It will take patience on your part and the staff. One other thing, determine the age range, does the child have to be potty trained, and children must be immunized, so you will need to keep a copy of immunization records on file. A separate file should be maintained on each child, allergies, in case of emergency, doctor’s name and phone number, other relatives who may pick up the child the parents cannot. It would be a good idea to take a snap shot of the child, parents, others who will either bring or picke up the child and keep it in a folder. Identification tags for the children are good idea. There are endless options in making your day care safe and that is the most important message you want to relay to parent. There child will be safe.