What Caused the Armenian Genocide?

As far back as the 1800’s, the Armenian people were often treated harshly by the Turks, and were regarded as second- class citizens within the region. Groups of people such as the Armenians, Jews, and Greeks were often told to wore distinctive clothing that told others that they were not of ‘pure descent’. This all led to a massive superiority complex on the Turk’s behalf. In the 1890s, the Turks won a large portion of Russia for themselves, and several treaties were signed that were for the protection of the Armeneian people s a result of the ‘win’. Although this was the case, the documents were incredibly vgue, and the Turks continud to mistreat the people. Some civil uprisings occurred becaus of the harsh treatment. The sultan of the region decided to end the uprisings before they began and ordered the execution of over two thousand Armenian people, which set the reasoning behind the genoide that would take place. Upon the brink of World War One, the Turkish government believed that the problems of civil unrest that were cropping up within the nation would cease to exist if there were no more Armenian people left. The government began to send people to ‘re-location’ walks through a desert, over two thirds of the Armenian population died between those events.