What can We do to Prevent Pollution?

Doing your part to reduce pollution is actually easier than you might think. First, remember that one kind of pollution is indoor pollution. There are many substances trapped within the walls of your own home that can be as damaging to your health as outdoor pollution. Clean your house on a regular basis in order to reduce indoor pollution. Vacuuming, dusting, washing bed linens, and doing other household chores on a frequent basis will help. Also, reduce your carbon footprint by using less energy at home. Invest in Energy Star appliances, which will use less energy and therefore contribute less to outdoor pollution. Use appliances as little as possible for the maximum effect. You might also consider switching your form of fuel for heating. Instead of using more traditional methods, why not invest in a corn stove, which don’t pollute the environment? Corn stoves are increasing in popularity because of their efficiency, low operation costs and ‘green’ status. Try to take public transportation to work, or form a carpool so that there are less polluting vehicles on the road. If you change your lifestyle in these ways, you can help to lessen pollution.