What are the 6 Traits of Writing?

The 6 traits of writing is a way for students and teachers to communicate about writing. Ideas, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, Conventions are the 6 plus traits of writing. Ideas-topic is focused with a clearly identified main idea.Organization-sentences and paragraphs are organized by main idea and flow from one idea to the next Voice-author’s voice comes through clearly in the writing Word Choice-choice of words is varied, includes different types of vocabulary and doesn’t repeat the same words Sentence Fluency-sentences are fluent, begin in different ways and sentences vary in lengthConventions-correct spacing between words and punctuation, spelling is correct, capitalization and punctuation is correctThese 6 traits allow students and teachers to grade the work with clear expectations. Typically, each trait is taught individually and once all have been taught, then papers are graded on all traits.