What are Schools Like in Mexico?

Most elementary schools in the country of Mexico go from grades kindergarten through fifth grade. Some go to the first year of middle school. Others go from kindergarten all the way through your senior year of high school, depending on your school district. Students typically have to get up at 6:00am because most schools don’t have busing systems. Many areas will have one or two parents who carpool students back and forth to school. The responsibility of transportation is on the parents. Most students get out of scool at 2:30pm. Many students in middle school will have 14 subjects each year to master, and they do actually have to take English. The grading scale in Mexican schools is based on a rating system of 0 to 10 instead of letter grades. Zero to 5.9 indicates a failing grade. Anything higher is passing. During their breaks, students eat molletes, which is a roll that is split and covered with beans and cheese. Many schools in Mexico allow students an encourage students to stay after and study/do homework there in their study labs and computer labs.You can find more information here: