Ways to Make Your Own Clothes?

Step 1: Brush up your basic sewing skills. You should be able to thread needles, sew pieces of fabric together using a few different stitches, understand the basics of how clothes are put together, and be able to operate a sewing machine.Step 2: Build your skills by learning to hem, patch, sew on buttons, and add extra panels. Not only does working like this develop important sewing skills, but it gives you the confidence to make up your own clothing projects. This is a skill you will need later on.Step 3: Advance to elementary patterns when you feel ready. Go to your local fabric store and try to get a sense of what is available. There are generally large books of photographs that you can look through, depicting the different types of patterns available. Patterns range from incredibly simple to really complex, but many lines of patterns have a special series for beginning sewers and others who like quick and easy projects. This is a good place to start. Pick out something you like and read the back of the package to figure out how much fabric and what other items you will need to complete your project. Don’t choose a knit (stretchy) fabric for your first project, because they can be challenging to use with patterns.Step 4: Try a few more patterns after you get through your first. Once you’ve had some practice, try a few more complicated items like fitted shirts and pants. Where you go from here depends a lot on the type of clothes you would like to sew for yourself.Step 5: Learn to draw your own patterns. Many people are able to make any clothes they want by using, or perhaps adapting, existing patterns. Eventually you may feel comfortable enough to draft your own patterns based on designs you like.