Types of Oppression?

Ther are many different types of oppression. Some of the types of oppression are as simple as censorship in regards to speech. Another type of oppression is religious oppression. This is unfortunatley common in today’s society as many people today are not tolorant of the religion’s and choices of others. Another tye of oppression is gender based oppression. This kind of oppression occurrs when a man in a relationship with a female will not allow the female to do things for herself, such as work or get an edcuation. Another type of oppression is financial oppression. This often occurs when families have their own businesses and want their children to run it in the future and refuse to allow heir children to go after their own financial dreams and desires. It also has to do with people not being allowed to have the money that they make on their own, and questions the way they choose to handle their own money.