Top 10 Reasons to do Mba?

The top ten reasons to get a Masters in Business Administration, or MBA, are: 1. It gives you credibility with others in your profession; 2. It teaches and disciplines you to think in ‘business’ terms such as strategy and markets; 3. It can open doors and help you advance your career more quickly than experience alone; 4. It teaches you effective communication skills; 5. It prepares you to solve problems from the view of a business professional; 6. It teaches you to read and interpret critical business statements such as marketing plans, audit reports and financial statements; 7. It gives you practice researching and interpreting topics as they relate to the business world; 8. It gives you skills that you can apply in your present job even while still attending school; 9. It helps you to hone your research and writing skills; 10. It gives you an understanding of the standard tools used daily in organizing and managing a business and its practices; and 10.