Top 10 Entrepreneurs?

Here are the top 10 entreprreneurs in the world: #1 is Bill Gates, leading the list with $40.0 billion dollars. Bill is a software mogul who once worked with Microsoft. #2 is Warren Buffet, an investor, with $37.0 billion dollars. #3 is Carlos Slim, with $35.0 billion he controls 90% of Mexico’s telephone landlines. #4 is Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle, a software company, $22.5 billion. #5 is Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA with $22.0 billion. #6 is Karl Albrecht, founder of Aldi a grocery store chain, with $21.5 billion. #7 is Mukesh Ambani, richest man in India who merged Reliance Industries with Reliance Petroleum, $19.5 billion. #8 is Lakshmi Mittal who owns the world’s largest steel company, Arcelor Mittal, with $19.3 billion. #9 is Theo Albrecht, Karl’s brother (Aldi) Theo owns Aldi in Northern Germany and rights for the rest of the world, $18.8 billion. #10 is Amancio Ortego, owner of Zara clothing, with $18.3 billion.