Signs That Your Boyfriend is Lying?

There are certain signs to look for if you suspect your boyfriend is lying to you. One of the signs is avoidance of eye contact. He may look away or look down when talking to you or answering a question. Another sign is being extremely defensive and perhaps even accusing you of something to take the pressure off him. Also, changing the subject when you approach him to ask him about something, makes him suspect. If he does this it’s like he’s buying time to think of a lie to tell you when you ask him the question. Another sign to pay attention to is body language. If he does something nervously like smoothing his hair or scratching his arm only when you ask him a question, he may be lying. Above all, pay attention to inconsistencies in his stories. If something doesn’t match up, look a little closer. For more ways to tell if your boyfriend is lying to you, visit this website