Should I have a Baby?

Well having a baby will definitely change your life. It can be a great experience, but a very time consuming one as well. So when one decides to have a baby, they need to consider many things. You’re financial situation should cover these expenses; doctor visits, food, formula, car seats, child care, crib, strollers, diapers, shoes every three months, clothes every three six months, and this is just for the first year! Kids get more expensive as they get older. The biggest thing to consider is money and child care. If you plan on working you have to pay for child care, this can range anywhere from 300-700 a month. If you decide to stay home, you may need childcare on occasion for things you may not be able to take a toddler to. This can run anywhere from $3.00 an hr to $5.00 an hr. You will be responsible for another human for the next 18 years of your life, and your activities will be altered as well. Most people suggest that a person do everything they can before having a baby, because once babies come, they have the potential of keeping you busy 24hrs a day.