Normal Blood Sugar Levels for Diabetics?

There are a variety of tests available to check for glucose levels.1) The ‘fasting blood sugar’ test evaluates glucose levels after a fast – typically 8 hours long. This is why most people take this test the first thing in the morning (where their blood sugar would not be impacted by eating, drinking). This is a test that most pregnant women take as well as anyone that a doctor considers at risk for diabetes. If the test results for the blood fall between 70 and 99, the patient is considered to be at a normal range.2) The ‘2 hour postprandial’ blood glucose test evaluates sugar levels exactly two hours after eating. If the results for this blood test are between 70 and 99, the patient is considered to have normal glucose levels.3) Random blood glucose testing tests sugar levels all through the entire day – regardless of food consumption, activity, exercise or sleep. For this test, the blood glucose result level should fall between 70 and 135.4) The glucose tolerance test is performed where the patient drinks a liquid that is mostly made up of glucose. The purpose of the test is to see the blood’s reaction immediately after a high amount of sugar is consumed and then released into the blood.