My Computer is Running Slow How do I Fix It?

All computers get a bit loaded down with junk after being used for a while, the more junk they have, the slower they become. There are a few things you can do to fix a slow running computer. First of all, go to add remove programs in the control panel and remove any programs you no longer want, or need, once that is done you can stop some programs from starting automatically and using up your memory, to do this click on start, then run and type MSCONFIG, once that window opens go to the start up tab and uncheck any programs you don’t want to start automatically. If you aren’t sure about a program, leave it checked, and ask someone who may have a little more computer knowledge. Don’t stop now, we aren’t quite done. Next step is to run any anti virus, anti malware/spyware programs you have, doing this will ensure your computer is free of any nasty programs and delete your temporary internet files, next comes disk clean up and disk defragmenter, both of those can be found in start, all programs, accessories, and then system tools. Following all of these steps about once a month, will help ensure your computer doesn’t get too bogged down and runs at a nice speed. Also consider purchasing more RAM, not enough RAM is often the cause of a very slow computer.