Is Pizza Good for You?

That depends on what you’re putting on your pizza. Pizza can be as healthy or as UNhealthy as YOU make it. A few ways to make sure your eating a ‘healthy’ pizza is to go for the thin crust. The regular crust adds an extra 60 calories per slice and the pan pizzas (because of the added oil) can add an extra 120 calories per slice! Also, consider a low-fat cheese if you MUST have cheese on your pizza. Believe it or not, a lot of pizza restaurants want to cater to their health-concsious customers and actually have low-fat cheese available on request! And last but not least, more veggies, less meat. Pretty much a no-brainer there, but it had to be said! Oh, and DON’T try to eat the whole pizza in one sitting. That won’t help no matter what’s on the pizza!