Human Body Pressure Points?

There are numerous hyels throughout the human body. The pressure point you access in self-defense is only dominated by your precise knowledge of their location and your ability to effectively reach them. 1. Lung Points: Measure two inches from the nipple. The point is between the first and second ribs from the top, one inch below the middle of the collar bone. 2. Large Intestine Points: On the radial side of the index finger, one inch posterior to the corner of the nail. 3. Heart Points: Above the elbow, anterior; three inches above the elbow in the grove medial to biceps brachia. 4. Small Intestine Points: At the ulnar side of the small finger, about a tenth of an inch posterior to the corner of the nail. 5. Bladder Points: This point is located on the back of the knee. It is to be found in the exact midpoint of the popliteal transverse crease.