How to Write Formal Letter?

Writing a letter to a dear friend or family member is always a lot of fun, and receiving a letter is an amazing feeling! First thing, always make sure your name, address, and telephone number (optional) are listed clearly at the top of the letter in the right hand corner, that way if the letter makes it’s way to the wrong person, they know who to return it to. It is also often a good idea to list the recipient’s name and address on the upper left hand corner of the letter as well, just in case. It’s often also a good idea to include the date, this helps give the reader a sense of time frame for your letter, and can sometimes help clear things up if you speak of dates or times in the body of the letter. Next include your greeting. Formal letters always begin with ‘Dear’, you never want to act like you are too close or personal with the person receiving the formal letter, as it may offend them or cause complications if you start your letter ‘Hey there Friend’! A good way to start your letter would be ‘Dear Sir or Madame’ if you aren’t sure exactly who the letter is going to, or call them by a title, such as Mr. Smith. Next, write your letter body, being careful to check your grammar and punctuation. Finally, end your letter with something simple, such as Sincerely, or Faithfully, and then sign your name beneath that as neatly as you can. There are many great resources online that can help give examples of what your letter should look like, happy writing!You can find more information here: