How to Write An Essay Paper?

Writing an essay may seem intimidating, but once you are familiar with the writing process you will get better with every essay you right. There is an order that should be followed when developing your essay. Step 1. Decide on your topic. Step 2. Prepare an outline or diagram of your ideas. Step 3. Write your thesis statement. Step 4. Write the body; make sure to include main points, sub-points, and elaborate on your sub-points. Step 5. Write the introduction. Step 6. Write the conclusion. Step 7. Add the finishing touches. By completing these steps you will have your rough draft, which you will read over and make any needed changes. You should make sure you provide details that support your thesis statement and topic. You want your introduction to grab the reader’s attention, making them want to read the entire paper. Your conclusion will summarize your paper, with a statement that also supports your thesis/topic. Most importantly…if you don’t know where to start…just start somewhere! Even if it takes some free writing, at least you will be getting your ideas on paper. You can find more information here: