How to Write a Scholarship Essay?

When beginning your scholarship essay you would need to be sure to touch on 3 main topics about yourself this may require some thought on your part. You want to be sure to mention your extracurricular activities colleges like to know that aside from your studies you are a well rounded student able to contribute to the student body at there college, some colleges may not really mind but its good to put it out there anyway so that you can stand out from the tons of essays they are going to receive. The next is to mention what, if any, major accomplishments you have this is also good to mention if you do not have many extracurricular activities. Last but not least, you will want to mention certain issues that you had to overcome either personal or during your pursuit of education, they like to see that you are not the type to run when something gets to hard. Other than these main topics be sure re read your work checking for any mistakes. Good Luck!