How to Write a Restaurant Review?

Restraunt reviews, like most other reviews are really easy to write. First and foremost know the restraunt that you are going to review. Upon going to the restraunt, it helps to bring a pad of paper and something to write with. Make note of the cleanliness of the restraunt. Take notes about the atmosphere and how it makes you feel to be there. Be sure to take note of the level of service provided to you. Now to the food itself. When you get the food, take note of its presentation. Presentation is everything because you first eat with your eyes. The next thing to take note of in regards to the food itself is how it smells. Write down the armoas and how they make you feel. Next taste the food and really savor the flavors. Again, write down your first thoughts of the foods as you finish taking your first bite. When you get home, take all of this information and organize it into categories by paragraph. The categories are organized by the subjects mentioned here. Finally, write the revew itself.