How to Write a Reflection?

There are actually many different kinds of reflections that you can write. You can write reflctions about art, music, movies, and literature, and you can write a personal reflection about an experience that you may have had. Thus, as with all kinds of writing, the first step in starting is to pick a topic that you want your reflection to be about. If you are writing a personal reflection, the next step is to write down all of the things that the experience made you feel, from its beginning to its end. The next step is to write down any behavior patterns that may come to your mind when thinking about the situation. Write down the outcome that you would have liked to have happened, followed by what actually happened underneath that. Now that you have the basic components of your reflection together, the next step is to put everything into a chronological order that makes sense to you and to your reader. The next step is to start writng a draft. Then as always, proof read your draft and formulate a final draft and you’re done!