How to Write a Query Letter?

So your up to asking questions huh?! To start your query letter you will need to identify the sender of the letter. Place the full name in the upper right hand corner of the paper. Place the sender’s address and contact information beneath the sender’s name. Then, date the correspondence beneath the sender’s information. Shift to the left of the paper skipping a slight space and begin to list the recipient’s information as was done for the sender. Skip a space and place your greeting either to a specific individual or group. Dear ____, If the individual or group being addressed is unknown you may use the greeting Dear Sir or Madam, or To Whom It May Concern: Skip a space. Next comes the body of your letter, this is where the good stuff is! Be precise with your questioning if you expect a precise answer. If it is a matter that an active resolution would be anticipated don’t be afraid to express your expectations. Sometimes a question can’t be answered or a problem solved if the receptive party doesn’t know what they are being asked or what is expected of them. Finally, skip a space and bring closure to your letter with a Sincerely, _____ at the bottom right side of the page. If the letter is typed you will want to add a written signature beneath the typed name. Any enclosures with the letter or carbon copy notations should be listed along the bottom of the letter. Well there you have it … query answered! Look here for more information: