How to Write a Legal Motion?

There are many ways to write a legal motion depending on what the specific motion is and the state in which the motion is filed. In California, as in most states, there are certain format requirements for writing a motion as well as page limits for each type of motion. In general, motions can be no longer than 20 pages long unless it is a Motion for Summary Judgment, which has a 28 page limit. Most motions have an introductory paragraph, a statement of facts, where the relevant facts of the case are described, then an argument section where the legal issues are addressed, the law is explained and the facts are applied to the law, and finally, a conclusion section. The Statement of Facts should be written in a factual, non-persuasive manner, while the Argument section should be written in a persuasive manner. All motions should be written in a concise manner, without repeating the same things over and over again. The goal in a legal motion is to convince the court that your position is legally valid requiring a ruling in your favor.