How to Write a Lease Agreement?

The best way to write a lease agreement, if you can’t afford to pay a real estate lawyer to do it for you, is to find standard, pre-written agreements on the internet. Your search should include the name of the State in which the rental property is located. Any lease agreement should include terms describing the property in detail and the parties to the agreement. It should also describe the term of the tenancy. In other words, it should state for how long the lease shall be in effect and what will happen at the expiration of that lease term, e.g., a new lease will be executed; the tenancy will go month-to-month; etc. The lease should describe the amount of the monthly rent and any security deposits that shall be paid. There should be choice of law and choice of venue provisions, as well as whether the parties will be required to pay the prevailing party’s attorney’s fees should a dispute arise. The lease should also state where notices should be sent for each party to the lease, and what type of notice will be required for termination of the lease. As with all contracts, the lease should state it represents the entire agreement of the parties, to prevent either party from being able to bring in outside discussions or other documents which are not specifically incorporated into the lease in an effort to further describe the agreement between the parties. It’s always wise to have an attorney review the lease to ensure it’s legality and completeness, so it is wise to develop friendships or associations with lawyers for a quick look.