How to Write a Case Brief?

A case brief is very easy to write. It is often used as a study guide for paralegal students and law students alike. The case brief is broken down into seven sections. The name of the case, the court it was heard, and the legal citation is written on the top and center of the page. Next come the seven different sections of the case brief. The first section is the procedural history. This is just the facts of a court case. The facts of the case explain the whos, whats, wheres, whens, and whys of the case and is written in a clear and consise manner. The next part of the case brief is the holding. The holding explains what the judicial decision was in the case. Next in the case brief comes the legal rationale behind the holding. This explains why the court made the decision that it did. The next part of the case brief after the holding is the rule. The rule explains the rule used to make the decision at hand, and also notes any changes to the rule or law made. The last part of the case brief is comprised of any legal questons that came up durng the case as well as after.