How to Wax Legs?

To wax your legs, your leg hair will need to be grown out far enough that the wax can stick to it. At least 1/4 of an inch is recommended. A couple days before you’re going to wax, exfoliate your legs to get rid of dead skin and other icky’s that might be hanging around. Rub a small amount of baby powder on your legs to get rid of extra oils on your skin and so that the wax will do what it needs to do. Get a waxing kit, you can buy them at most stores that sell beauty products. Spread the hot wax onto a small area on your leg, then take one of the strips and press it down on the wax. Peel the strip in the opposite direction of the way the hair grows. Do it quickly, and it won’t hurt as bad. Repeat until legs are smooth and hair is gone.